A Guide To The Latest Home Theatre Accessories

A Guide To The Latest Home Theatre Accessories

Home cinema set-ups are becoming much more common thanks to advances in technology. What’s more, the cost of home theatre accessories is coming down to a reasonable price.

If you are setting up your home theatre system, lucky you! There’s nothing better than watching your favourite movie, TV show or sports team play in a home cinema environment. Building your home theatre system is a relatively simple and easy process.

Start with your basic room design and what you want to achieve, then think about the right home theatre accessories to suit your living space.

So, what home theatre accessories do you need?

Audio visual screens

Before researching all of your other home theatre accessories, you need to choose the right audio visual screen.

Even smaller televisions can be incorporated into a home theatre system; it’s not always about the size. From 32 inch LED / LCD televisions to 55 inch 4K Ultra HD or OLED televisions, choose the right size screen to suit your space.

4k Ultra HD televisions offer a much clearer picture and sharpness than previous models. Most audio visual screens are moving toward Ultra HD resolution anyway, so if you’re shopping for a new television a 4k Ultra HD TV is a great way to enter this market.


When you’re looking for home theatre accessories, you most certainly want to invest in a soundbar. Soundbars are used with your audio visual screen and usually installed on the wall beneath your television. They don’t take up much space, and have no messy wires, but give you a richer, fuller sound – closer to the ‘cinema sound’ experience everyone loves to have in a media room.


A lot of people would add speakers to their list of home theatre must-haves, especially if they’re interested in surround sound. But choosing speakers can be a bit of an ordeal! There are so many different kinds to choose from.

Take into account the available space and any requiring requirements in your home. You’ll need to take careful note of your AV system specs to be sure your speakers are compatible. These days, many systems are wireless, so you will need to discuss Bluetooth capabilities with your AV system retailer.

If you’re buying all of your home theatre accessories from scratch, you could look at a package that includes both speakers and a soundbar together.

Universal remote

Gone are the days of lining up a pile of different remotes to control your many household gadgets. Thanks to universal remote controls, you can consolidate your devices into one.

Probably one of your cheapest home theatre accessories, a universal remote control is easy to come by. Most are compatible with all types of equipment from televisions to Blu-ray players, games consoles or soundbars. Be prepared to do some ‘matching’ of your remote to your different devices. But after the initial set up, you’ll be pleased you only need to look for one remote, no matter what you choose to watch or play!

No more complicated home theatre systems

It isn’t just your television and disc-playing device you can consolidate into one. Thanks to the invention of home automation systems, you can control all of your home theatre accessories with one universal remote. Say goodbye to expensive gear and hazardous wires, because a home automation system is a much cleaner and more efficient way of running your electronics.

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