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Too many electrical devices in your home? Then it’s time to consolidate all of your gadgets into one home automation system. You need to call AV Everything, your home automation Brisbane experts, to centralise your electronics. Get with the times, people!

What is Brisbane home automation?

Home technology is changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. Your TV, Blu-ray system, Xbox, air conditioning, heating, audio equipment, iPod station, security gates and even your garage doors are operated by a remote control these days. You’ve no doubt got a remote control for all sorts of electrical devices in your home. What home automation does is put all of your electronic household activity onto one centralised system. Often, your Brisbane home automation system runs off a handheld device that you have with you most of the time: your smartphone. Clever, huh?

How does it work?

What? A home automation system that you can operate from your smartphone? As futuristic as that might sound, it is true. Your biggest question is ‘how’? Well, for a start, mobile phone apps make the impossible seem possible. Home automation in Brisbane uses software programs that you can download and access on your smartphone or tablet.

Having said that, if the installation of your home automation in Brisbane were as easy as simply downloading a mobile phone app, you wouldn’t need the services of the experts like AV Everything. A home automation system is actually quite complex, and not one that you would find easy to install yourself.

In addition to a phone app, you need a software subscription, transceivers, sensors, switches, motors and peripherals. Sensors, switches and the aforementioned are attached to your home electrical gadgetry, which then ‘talk’ to your software and thus you have your Brisbane home automation system.

What can your home automation system do?

These are the sort of home scenarios you can program with your home automation system:

  • Your coffee machine is ready for your morning cuppa as your alarm goes off.
  • When you are on holiday, your house lights switch on at a particular time.
  • Your cats and dogs are fed at a set time every day, even when you are out.
  • Your favourite music plays as you walk through your front door, or as you take your morning shower.
  • Unlock your front door remotely from your smartphone, to a trusted family member or friend who does not have a key.
  • Use your smartphone software to open your garage door as you pull into your driveway.
  • Your handheld device alerts you when your home is at risk of potential intruders, because it is linked to a wireless security sensor and alarm system.
  • Your home air conditioning is set at the perfect temperature as you arrive home from work.
  • You’re stuck at work in a late meeting, but you’re concerned your dogs won’t like being alone in the dark. No problem, use your home automation device to switch on your lights, even when you’re not at home.
  • Your curtains open in the morning, when you want them to, without you lifting a finger. All of the above, plus more, is absolutely possible. It might sound a bit Back to the Future II, but with home automation systems in Brisbane, your home can be controlled to work perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

Why should I get a home automation system installed?

You might think Brisbane home automation systems are reserved for mansions and commercial use, but that’s not the case anymore. Today’s technology has made home automation accessible for everyone, and it’s not quite as expensive as you might think either. Here are a few reasons why you should welcome the idea of a Brisbane home automation system:

Efficiency of your home life

Brisbane home automation systems were invented to make your home life easier. You already know what home automation systems can do; you can control your household technology from one device that is so simple to use. When technology exists to make your life easier, why not take advantage of it. Your home life will be so easy and efficient with your Brisbane home automation system, you will wonder what you did beforehand.

No more lost remote control panic

You know the story: your TV remote suddenly vanishes into the depths of your couch, you can’t find it and you panic. With all of the electronic devices you have at home today, you could easily remove the clutter of around five of those pesky remotes. Ditch the lot for one device that you carry around with you. The bonus of your device being a smartphone, is that you can call it if it goes astray anyway.

The way of the future

With technology moving as quickly as it is, home automation is the way forward. Your ancestors probably rejected the idea of telephones, televisions, VHS recorders, the internet and even electronic toasters before they became mainstream. Before long, home automation will be the norm. You may as well get onto it now. The technology is here, so why not use it.

Be the envy of your friends

OK, so home automation isn’t quite mainstream yet, but before long it will be. Before it becomes so, get your Brisbane home automation system set up and be the envy of your friends. Show off your smartphone-operated home and your friends will be so impressed they’ll want their own home automation system, too.

It’s not as expensive as you think

Home automation, Brisbane-style, is no longer for the elite. With the advances in technology today, the equipment is readily available for qualified technicians to install. You’ll soon be able to manage your home electronics from the palm of your hand, without taking out another mortgage. Contact AV Everything for a quote to find out if Brisbane home automation is in your budget.

Who are AV Everything

Brisbane-based AV Everything has been taking the stress out of home technology for over 15 years. Having been established in 2000, AV Everything has helped hundreds of clients, just like you, get their audio visual equipment up to technological speed.

It isn’t only home automation in Brisbane that AV Everything can help you with. Talk to the AV Everything team about any number of audio visual solutions for your home. In addition to Brisbane home automation, AV Everything provides expert advice and assistance in:

  • TV installation. It is becoming more common to see a flat screen television installed on the wall of your home, rather than sit on the TV cabinet. In doing so, not only does your home look tidy, you are saving yourself and your TV from smears on the screen and potential damage. If you don’t have the skills or aren’t 100% sure about wall mounting, don’t risk damaging your TV, yourself or your home. Call in the experts—AV Everything—to install your television for you.
  • Audio visual installation. As well as TV mounting, all types of audio visual equipment can be installed into your home by AV Everything. Contact the AV Everything team for a quote to install your stereo system, speakers, or a fancy home theatre system. AV Everything has been in the business for over 15 years and is therefore up to speed with all the latest technology you have in your home.
  • AV Everything audio visual shop. Home automation in Brisbane and TV installation aside, you can also shop for audio visual products at AV Everything. The range of goods available to buy at AV Everything includes the televisions, speakers, sound systems and in-home theatre systems. Audio visual brands available to buy at AV Everything are ones you will be are familiar with and are brands considered the best in the industry. Once installed, your AV Everything technician will demonstrate the equipment set-up, so you are familiar with it and ready to enjoy.

The experts in Brisbane home automation

Are you ready to say goodbye to your remote controls, in favour of using the one device you already have?

Brisbane home automation can, and will, change the way you control your technology going forward. Having a fresh coffee waiting for you when you wake up, your lights dimmed at the perfect hour, and your pets fed whilst you are out is no longer an impossibility.

With home automation, you can have all of your technology in the palm of your hand, which can be managed as easily as 1, 2, 3. Soon all the homes in your neighbourhood will be managed by home automation. Why wait for home automation, Brisbane folks, when all the technology exists to get your system set up today.

Contact AV everything today and talk to Ian. Ian will answer all of your home automation questions and organise a time for a FREE consultation. AV Everything is the Brisbane home automation and audio visual installation experts. Get all of your electronics working from one device. Call Ian from AV Everything on 0418 737 021 or complete the online contact form.

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