Full Home Theatre Setup

Flat Screen TV and Surround Sound Home Theatre Installation – Wall Mounting with Audio Visual Cable Concealment

Cables must be purchased separately and are not included.

Our Installation Process Includes:

  • Connection of your newly purchased AV equipment in one room.
  • Full integration of the new equipment into your current AV setup. AV equipment includes: TV,  Audio Receiver, DVD,  Mini-Disk Player, CD Player, VCR, Home Theatre Speaker System, Audio Tape Deck, Video Game Unit, Internet TV, DVR,  Amplifier,  CD Recorder and/or Home Theatre in a box.
  • Mounting of up to five speakers on wall or ceiling, brackets not included.
  • Grouping and neatly connecting of all wires, concealment of wires in walls, ceiling, or utilising a wire management system.
  • Using wall bushing or a wall plate to hide all cables.
  • Installation of track moulding, if the wall does not have access for wall fishing.
  • Installing the mounting bracket to a wall.
  • Installation of the TV into the mounting bracket.
  • Connecting the TV to a power supply neatly and effciently, Customer-provided cables are then set into the wall, from the Flat Panel screen to tuner source , up to fifteen feet away.  For walls we are unable to fish (put the cables into the wall) we will install track moulding.
  • Connection up to your set top tuner
  • Finally we do a demonstration of your installed product so you are ready to use it!