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Our Brief was to make music streaming and TV selection from either of the Foxtel Boxes and the Blu-ray player adjustable from any room in the 3 story House.

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3 Reasons Why TV Mounting Should be Left to the Experts

Congratulations, you’ve upgraded that old box you bought in the early 00s or replaced a busted cheapie snapped up during an electronics sale – $399 sounded good at the time for a HDLCD surround sound piece. And then, it started fizzling out. TV Wall mounting is an attractive way to display your set, offering a little-thought-of space saving solution to those with minimal space and an easy way to ensure your favourite show is playing at the right angle all the time.

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Advice for Choosing a home theatre system

Home theatre systems can provide hours of entertainment for every member of the family, including television, movies, recorded programs, music and even access to the Internet. Your living area can become a theatre when you select the right products that embrace the latest in technology and performance. Find enjoyment and comfort without needing to leave your own home, from investing in a home theatre system that meets your family’s needs.

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Ashgrove – Home Automation

The Brief was to have co-ordination 2 Foxtel boxes, free to air and streaming audio with 7 location over 3 levels in the home.


Family Room, Master bedroom, bedrooms 2 and 3, Media Room, Gym and Pool area. All rooms to be controlled by either the iPhone or iPad.

IMG_1387[1]  IMG_0853[1]

It was a mixture of existing and new products. The Bedrooms had new TV installed and the Media room was updated with a 65” Smart TV Yamaha Receiver to work with the Panasonic recorder and the 7.1 speaker system. We used “On Controls to co-ordinate them all. A four input HDMI high definition digital modulator was used to disperse all the signals.

Control signals to all the TVs were sent through Cat5e cable and the programming was sent through the RG6 TV antenna system.