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3 Reasons Why TV Mounting Should be Left to the Experts

Congratulations, you’ve upgraded that old box you bought in the early 00s or replaced a busted cheapie snapped up during an electronics sale – $399 sounded good at the time for a HDLCD surround sound piece. And then, it started fizzling out. TV Wall mounting is an attractive way to display your set, offering a little-thought-of space saving solution to those with minimal space and an easy way to ensure your favourite show is playing at the right angle all the time.

Before you unbox the beast and prepare yourself for the task ahead, however, step back from the cardboard and ask yourself, do you know what you’re doing?

Can a Youtube video really prepare you for what might go wrong? Worst case scenario? Your supports malfunction and your TV goes down with an almighty crash.  Here are 3 reasons why wall mounting a TV is better left to the experts.

 You’re Not Quite Sure Where to Put It

Wall mounting your TV is nothing like displaying it on a wooden stand designed to be moved around – in fact, once you start drilling holes or applying glue, you’ve made your decision regarding where your TV will stay. And we guarantee the first place you think of isn’t the best place for it. Calling in an expert service like AV Everything will ensure you are 100% on your decision before we start mounting you latest purchase, as we will explore the best place for mounting and what you’d like to achieve. If you do nothing else, do not mount a TV above a fireplace!

 It’s Not As Simple As it Sounds/Looks

We’re not kidding. Wall mounting can fast become hard work, particularly if you live in a double brick house or you don’t have the right tools in your box of tricks – you could even hurt yourself getting the TV onto the bracket! Putting holes in the wall trying to hit the studs (even when using a stud finder) is a scenario that will probably play out. If you don’t normally wield a hammer during the day, leave it to those who do!

Everything Doesn’t Line Up

You’ve hammered your studs into the wall, placed your braces and stepped back…they don’t line up. At the very best, you can hang a very crooked TV. You’d be surprised how often this happens, every day handy men miscalculating or misusing tools because they swear they know what they’re doing – Google showed them how – chewing over the real scenario of a wonky bracket. And there’s no guarantee next time will be any better!

Save time, save money and spare yourself the stress. Call the professionals and kick back doing something else. AV Everything will have your TV up and ready to go in no time, with no extra holes!