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3 Reasons Why You Need an Automated Home in 2015

Home automation. Unsure of what it means? Okay, imagine this. You roll in after a hard day, tired and weary, ready to sit down and tune out with a few hours of tube. You need to close the curtains, turn on the sound system connected to the TV and turn the TV itself, after getting a drink and a piece of fruit.

You may even get changed first. You move through 10-20 actions before you arrive at relaxation central, harassed by your own home, indulging your too-tired side. Before you bemoan those wealthy guys down the street with their smart homes, it isn’t so far beyond you. You can, in fact, achieve a smart home at a touch of a button through AV Everything. But why should you? Other than you have enough to think about at the end of the day, that those 10-20 actions over the course of a year add up…read on and join the automation revolution.



Because Checklists Take Up Time

Let’s move through the path of your post work ritual and see what we can automate…arrive home (not automated); lock door, walk up drive and unlock the front door (not automated); kick off shoes, dump your keys on the table, sigh (not automated); reach for the air con control, switch it on – reach for the music or sound system remote, switch it on – reach for the TV and Foxtel remotes, switch them on – close the blinds or open them slightly – record your favourite TV shows by programming the TV or cable box (all automated). One button can achieve all of the above, saving you five to ten minutes a day (because you have to turn them all off too), 30 to 60 hours annually – that’s almost three days of going through motions you don’t need to.

Because it’s Affordable
We know what you’re thinking – yeah, right. Affordable. Of course you’d say that, it’s your business. While we understand your cynicism, home automation really isn’t the money burner it once was. You no longer need to live in a McMansion or own a state of the art business, this isn’t out of your grasp or far into the future. The moment is now and that moment is within your budget. The best part? You don’t even have to buy a new remote to manage it all, it’s already in your back pocket! Smart phones are home automation power houses, with apps paving the way to smarter time management and true affordability. You won’t be able to lose something you can’t help but touch every five minutes!

Because it’s Easy to Use and Install

We don’t have to re-wire your house or knock down walls. Home automation is a science, but it’s an easily managed one by experts like us. We’ve turned thousands of Brisbane homes into overgrown smart phones – one touch and everything is done, on or off. Forgot to set the recorder to catch your favourite show? Not an issue! Surely there’s more to it than one button and bam, over? Not at all. We will set everything up to be so simple and easy to use, your friends will be jealous and inspired…make sure to tell them who automated your house for you!

Is 2015 the year you’ll automate your life? Keep your technological resolution and you won’t look back.