Keep your home secure with home automation

5 Ways Home Automation Can Keep Your Home Secure

There is no doubt that technology is advancing quickly and gadgetry that was previously reserved for the excessively wealthy is now available to many ordinary homeowners across Brisbane. An example of one such technological advancement is home automation.

Home automation is a fantastic way to make your home interactive and it can benefit you greatly both with regard to convenience and comfort. One thing for which home automation is entirely unrivalled, however, is security. To keep your home secure is something almost everyone wants and there are a number of different ways through which you might achieve this, although none quite compare to home automation. There are innumerable benefits to home automation, however five in particular stand out when it come to the question of how to keep your home secure.

Allow remote access to trusted friends and family

Having to drive all the way home just to provide access to your home for friends, family, or anyone else is one thing that inconveniences almost all homeowners at some point. Unfortunately however, the alternative is to provide spare keys to trusted individuals or hide a spare key somewhere outside your home. Both these actions can potentially compromise the security of your home and this leaves you with few options. Home automation is a great way to address this, as it allows you to grant any individual access to your home remotely and at your discretion. No longer will you need to worry about hiding a key somewhere, nor will you have to worry about friends or family losing their copies.

Program your home to appear occupied while on holidays

Going on holidays is supposed to be relaxing, but unfortunately the ubiquitous fear of having your home broken into can have a negative impact on this. Leaving your home vacant for an extended period of time can be risky, as criminals often patrol certain neighbourhoods in search of homes in which there are no occupants to deter them. With home automation, you can program your lights, television or other electrical fittings to come on at certain times or intervals, so as to make it appear as though your home is occupied. This serves as an effective deterrent towards criminals and can make your home secure.

Intruder alerts to your smartphone

In the even that your home is broken into, home automation systems will send an alert to your smartphone, warning you of the potential burglary. This will provide you with an opportunity to contact authorities immediately and, with a bit of luck, prevent the intruder from getting away. Not only can you alert the authorities, but you can also operate the electrical features of your home in such a way as to interrupt the intrusion and hopefully minimise any theft or property damage.

Control your electrics remotely

Even leaving your home for a short period of time can increase the potential for your home to be robbed and some opportunistic criminals do take considerable risks to get their hands on your belongings. A great way to prevent this is with home automation, as it allows you to control almost every electronic or automated aspect of your home from a remote location. You can turn on lights, raise or lower blinds and even play music remotely – all of which will make your home appear occupied, thereby enhancing your security.

You will have an interactive home that can respond to different prompts

Overall, home automation keeps your home secure by virtue of its design. Having an automated home is not dissimilar to having an interactive home, and having the power to command different parts of your home means that you can essentially take control of its security to a far greater extent.

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