How To Choose Audio Visual Screens For Your Home Theatre

How To Choose Audio Visual Screens For Your Home Theatre

So, you’re setting up your home theatre system? Exciting times. In recent years, updates in technology have made home theatre systems more accessible than ever. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your audio visual screens, either.

You’re probably asking yourself which audio visual screens might work for your home theatre system, and what other equipment you will need to make it all function? It isn’t actually as complex as you think.

Inexpensive audio visual screens for home theatre systems

Unless your budget is high, and you aren’t looking to set up a custom-built home theatre system, you don’t actually need to pump tens of thousands into your set-up.

A basic home theatre system can be as simple as 32 to 52 inch LED / LCD audio visual screens. You might already have such TVs at home, which you can work into a home theatre system.

Alongside your audio visual screens you would obviously need a playing device such as a DVD or Blu-ray Disc player, preferably a sound bar, stereo receiver or home theatre receiver, speakers, and a subwoofer. It’s a little outlay upfront, but not a huge cost considering the many hours of enjoyment you’ll be investing in!

Internet streaming on audio visual screens

These days, a lot of people set up internet streaming alongside DVD or Blue-ray Disc players, to watch movies playing directly from the internet. With the rise of Netflix and Stan TV in Australia, it is now possible to watch movies or favourite TV shows without the need of a DVD / Blue-ray player. This appears to be the way things are progressing, so it’s important to make sure your audio visual screens have this capacity. Or, if your TV model is slightly older, look into inexpensive add-on media streamers that can be purchased from many high street and online retailers.

Higher budget audio visual screens

If you can stretch your budget, you could look at HD (high definition) audio visual screens such as 4K Ultra HD TVs or OLED TVs.

4K TVs offer a much higher level of clarity, sharpness and colour compared to previous TV models, although you are looking at a higher cost to purchase. These days, most new TV sets are moving toward 4K Ultra HD resolution anyway, so now is as good a time as any to invest in quality audio visuals screens.

Home theatre projection screens

To create a serious home theatre experience, you may also consider a HD home theatre projection system with pull down screens for your set-up. Generally speaking, home projection systems are cheaper, and the screens are usually larger, than any of the aforementioned audio visual screens. That said, the picture quality is not of the standard you get with Ultra HD TVs.

Say goodbye to complicated system set-ups

With the invention of home automation systems, you no longer have to contend with horrendously expensive equipment with cables running all over the place.

Home automation systems allow you to control your audio visual screens, lighting, sound and entire entertainment centre in your home theatre, with just one universal remote.

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