5 Home Theatre Design Ideas For Your Home

5 Home Theatre Design Ideas for Your Home

Looking for home theatre design ideas, to re-create your ultimate cinematic experience? Look no further. From family comfort through to ultra-stylish, we’ve seen all kinds of home theatre designs ideas while conducting our home automation installation jobs, and now we’ll share these concepts with you.


Small space? No dramas. You don’t need to factor a supersized room into your home theatre design ideas. Small home theatres can be cozy and comfortable, even with just enough to seat your family.
If space permits, you could add a second tier to your seating arrangement, with the back ‘row’ of couches slightly higher against the back wall of your room.

Cozy home theatre design ideas would usually include plenty of soft furnishings, and you might consider choosing suede couches over leather.

Light coloured furnishings work well with beige carpets, otherwise polished floorboards with couches in neutral shades. Don’t forget plenty of throws and blankets.


Think of rustic home theatre design ideas in rooms with natural elements, maybe in an attic conversion of your house.

Exposed wood beams, even faux beams, add to the rustic feel of a home theatre room. Exposed brick works well in rustic settings, too.

Furnishings would include leather or even velvet recliners, in browns and tans, with accents of red and beige in matching cushions. Your seating arrangement could be in rows, matching the concept of a real-life cinema, or positioned next to each other.


Modern home theatre design ideas would see more examples of contemporary couches than leather recliners.

Black and white furnishings are popular colour choices for ultra-modern home theatre designs, with pops of reds and bright blues.

Lighting plays a big part in modern home theatre design ideas; lighting designed to recreate a real cinema experience, and added extras such as fibre optic star ceilings.

Ultra-modern home theatre settings don’t have a lot of clutter, so you wouldn’t be looking at lots of extra cushions or blankets. Furniture would be spaced out to incorporate plenty of leg room.


Rather than go with a row of recliner chairs or carefully positioned couches sitting next to each other, you could try a semi-circular seating arrangement for your home theatre design ideas.

Such set-ups are proving to be popular, giving the impression of a circular room, where everyone sits together, facing inwards toward the theatre screen.

A large semi-circular couch may need to be designed to your specifications; otherwise curved modular settings are available to buy from a few Australian retail stores.

Sports themed

Are you a sports-mad family? Well, why not consider home theatre design ideas to incorporate your favourite pastime.

Home theatres aren’t necessarily designed with blockbuster movies in mind; you could incorporate sports into your theme instead.

Think about vibrant lighting, and dark furniture. Black leather recliners work well in a sports themed home theatre room.

Go all out and install a bar, so you can invite your mates over to enjoy the NRL! Pool table too? Why not! Build your ultimate man cave.

Home theatre design ideas to suit your desires

Say goodbye to expensive trips to the movies, when you can host your very own movie nights in the comfort of your own home, designed to suit your tastes.

At AV Everything, it is our job to consolidate all of your electrical devices onto one automated system. This means you won’t need to factor in half a dozen remote controls for your home theatre design ideas.

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