7 smart home products you need to know about today

7 smart home products you need to know about today

An automated home aka smart home is no longer the way of the distant future. Computerised systems in your home now allow you to control almost anything from just one handheld gadget. Smart home products are all interlinked and wireless, making your home life more convenient than it ever was before.

From lighting controls to security cameras, home theatre systems to heating, here are seven smart home products you need to know about:

Hubs and controllers

Your smart home products will require one centralised hub with which to control your gadgets. Smart home hubs allow you to automate your smart home products in one. Hubs work in conjunction with your hand-held device (a remote or an app on your phone).

Smart home hubs are surprisingly inexpensive, which is great news considering you’ll need one if you want a home automated system!

Universal remote

Although it is possible to download an app for your smartphone, some people prefer to use a separate universal remote to control a set of smart home products.

Technology is improving at a rapid rate so although some universal remotes may look clunky right now, over time, touch screen remotes will no doubt take over.

Universal remotes connect with your smart home hub via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and infrared methods.

Surveillance cameras

Both indoor and outdoor cameras are available to buy as smart home products. Security or surveillance cameras are a remarkable way to keep an eye on your home from afar. Using your smartphone app, you can monitor your home while you are at work or even whilst you are on holiday in another country!

These cameras work by detecting movement with in-built sensors so that you would receive a notification when something or someone is in or near your home.

Similarly, if you’d like to set up a camera in your infant’s bedroom, this is a great way to monitor your baby from another room in the house. Useful with small babies and if you own a large or two story home.

Home security alarm systems

Much like security cameras, alarm system networking gear is readily available to buy. A smart home security system connects to your home Wi-Fi network from your smartphone app, so you can control your alarm system even when you are away.

Such smart home products are set up in a way that you can arm or disarm your security system from your phone, from anywhere. Likewise, if your home security system is compromised when someone attempts to break into your home, you will receive a notification, and be able to take action on the situation straight away.

Heating and cooling thermostat

Imagine being able to walk into your house at exactly the right temperature. You can do that with thermostat smart home products. A smart home thermostat will automate your home heating and cooling system.

The best thermostats on the market will provide you with a comfortable home temperature, and will also save you money on power.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Smart home vacuum cleaners are an incredible invention. Now you can come home to a fully vacuumed house, all programmed from your smart home hub. This is possible thanks to the rise of smart home products and the advancement of technology.

Even the big names in cleaning mechanics; Dyson and Electrolux have jumped on board with robot vacuums, although there are many other brands on the market now, at a range of different prices. Imagine being out for dinner with your family, while your iRobot cleans your floors? The future is here!

Smart security lighting

There are smart home products available to control the lighting in your home. These systems are enabled via your home Wi-Fi network, which connect to specially installed smart light bulbs in your home. You can then automate and control your lighting from your smart home device.

What this enables you to do, is to switch on the lights in your home when you are out, away on holiday or for work. This not only deters intruders, but is also useful if you didn’t plan to be out late, but for whatever reason, do arrive after dark. Switch on your lights remotely so you don’t fumble around in the dark!

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