Home Automation Trends

The Top Home Automation Trends For 2019

Home automation is a relatively new trend in its own right. Only in the last few years has home automation technology truly developed to a point where its integration is easy and effective. But believe us, new trends are emerging in home automation almost weekly. Home automation technology is advancing faster than ever before, and the sooner you get it configured in your home, the better! But where do you start? To answer that question, we’ve taken a look at some of 2019’s most impressive home automation trends. Here’s what we’ve found.

Entertainment: You can find most home automation trends in the home theatre!

Of course, entertainment has to find its way to the top of the list. What’s the use of home automation if you can’t have some fun with it? And when it comes to fun, what’s better than a fully automated and integrated home theatre system! Home theatres are enjoying the benefits of some leading-edge home automation technology. The integrated data systems that enable home automation also enable great communication between the different components of a home theatre. And with integration, comes smooth viewing of a quality previously reserved for the cinemas themselves.

House security is one of 2019’s biggest trends

Also high on the list of 2019 home automation trends is security. Everyone has a right to feel secure in their home, and home automation technology offers that more now than ever before. With emerging automation systems, you can connect alarms, CCTV, locks, and lights. Better still, you can control it all remotely from your smartphone. That means you have complete control over who enters your home, and when they enter – no matter where you are.

Easy access to your home

Speaking of controlling entry, home automation makes your home more accessible to you. The same technology that improves your security also improves accessibility – as counterintuitive as it sounds! With smartphone control, you can manage garage doors, front doors, and even windows. The data systems that enable home automation give you remote control over locking mechanisms, so forgetting your keys will be a thing of the past. It’s also great for letting family and friends in while you’re away. Forget to feed the dog this morning? Simply let your neighbour in remotely, and lock the door again when they leave!

Here are some home automation trends that make your home more comfortable than ever

Another great advantage of home automation is comfort. With complete home automation, your appliances can communicate. For example, you can configure your coffee machine to make a fresh brew the moment you wake up. You can configure your speakers to play your favourite soundtrack when you walk in the door. You can control your lighting remotely, and set your dishwasher from afar. With home automation, there’s no limit to the comforts you can enjoy.

Data: It’s the centre of home automation, and these trends make it easier to manage

So how does home automation work? It might seem like a complex system, but if you distil it to its essence you’ll find that communication is at the core. Home automation simply allows your devices to communicate. With enhanced connectivity, you can expand your ability to control your gadgets. And with greater control, comes greater entertainment, security, accessibility, and comfort! Getting it all set up is easy as well.


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