Must Have Home Theatre Components

5 Must Have Home Theatre Components

Home theatres are a DIY dream. They turn a spare room, lounge room, or even garage into the ultimate entertainment den. With a home theatre, you get the cinema experience on your terms. However, putting together the perfect home theatre room is a complex affair. It requires planning, equipment, and a little bit of technical expertise. So if this is your first time with a home theatre project, let’s have a look at the nuts and bolts. With these must-have components, your home theatre will live up to each and every one of your expectations.

Projectors are a vital component of every home theatre. Here’s why they’re preferable to TV screens

As always, start with the basics: a good projector. A good projector is the heart and soul of all home theatre rooms. It provides the very image that draws you to the idea of home theatre, and it does it with unrivalled resolution. It’s easy to be tempted by large TV screens, but they lack the true essence of the home theatre experience. They also don’t come even close to matching the size and quality of a projector image. As far as home theatre components go, projectors are the first must have. With a good projector, the rest of your home theatre project will follow.

Projector screens are a must-have! Here’s why they’re such important home theatre components

Of course, getting the most out of your projector is important too. A lot of home theatre systems have a purpose-made blank wall. And that can work. But without a specialised projector screen, you simply can’t tap into the revolutionary clarity of modern home theatre projectors. When those truly colourful movie scenes erupt before you, they won’t quite have the clean edge that only a projector screen can offer. So what is a projector screen exactly? Well, they come in a range of different varieties. Most commonly, though, they are white screens capable of being rolled up and down in a similar way to roller blinds. That means they’re very space efficient. More importantly, the composition of those screens provides a surface onto which images may be projected with the utmost clarity.

Speakers: the hardest home theatre components to tune, but an absolute must-have!

You cannot have a quality home theatre without quality speakers! The surround sound experience is central to that cinema feel, and attaining that level of sound quality means making a trip to the experts. Surround sound is a delicate balance of speaker selection, sub-woofer selection, and placement. There are so many factors that go into achieving that balance, as well. Our advice is to find an expert, and ask them every question you can think of!

Bring all your home theatre components together with a universal remote!

Home theatres are essentially a collection of must-have components. As a result, you’re going to need to find a way to bring those components together. And what better way to do that than with a universal remote? Universal remotes will offer you the missing key to your home theatre experience: relaxation. With one remote to control it all, you can sit yourself down and maintain full domain over picture, sound, light, and more!

A power management system will ensure reliable power to all your home theatre components

You may have noticed that a lot of the must-have components of a home theatre system are pretty power hungry. So how can you make sure that they are always getting their fair share, in an even and reliable manner? We would recommend a specialised power management system. Again, this is where you should call on an expert for guidance. Ensuring that the right amount of power gets to each of your components at the right time is a priority. And with an expertly selected power management solution, that won’t be a problem!