Smart Home Devices

The Five Best Smart Home Devices

Are you looking to make the transition from regular home, to smart home? If so, you’re going to need a good handle on the smart home devices that are available. But first, think about what you want the focus of your smart home to be. Is comfort more important to you? Or do you prefer home security to take precedence?


Perhaps entertainment is your highest priority. These considerations will affect which smart home devices you need, or even want. Remember, you don’t need them all to have a smart home! With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best smart home devices that cover all the bases.

The best smart speaker devices for your home: Amazon Echo Studio is a safe bet

Smart speakers are an invaluable addition to any smart home. They offer great sound quality, and they can carry your smart home programs, such as Alexa. That leads us to our pick of the bunch: the Amazon Echo Studio smart speaker. When it comes to entertainment and value, this unit packs a punch. It provides big sound, at high quality, so it’s a worthy addition to any home theatre system. It’s also compatible with Alexa, so it can function as a control centre for your smart home devices.

Smart security devices for your home: here’s what the best CCTV offers

Smart home technology has allowed the production of some pretty effective security devices. And when it comes to security devices, smart CCTV is high on the list of effective deterrents. Smart CCTV systems are durable, discreet, and remotely accessible. If you travel a lot, then you can remain abreast of your home security remotely.


You can control the cameras’ movements, and collect footage as required. There are plenty of smart CCTV devices that suit home applications; our advice is to ask the experts about which one is best for you.

Smart security devices even include home locks now and the August Smart is a standout

Smart security devices aren’t all about home CCTV. There are even more practical options on offer in that regard. Take smart home locks, for example. Smart locks come with a variety of features, all configurable from a central smart phone app. You can control whether your home is locked or not remotely.


You can even configure your smart home to lock automatically, when it detects that you have left the vicinity. Need to let neighbours in to feed the dog while you’re away? Simply configure the lock remotely, and you can! In terms of smart lock devices, the August Smart is great for beginners, and still allows for manual key use.

The centre of your smart home devices: HomeKit, Google Home, and SmartThings are solid options

Smart home devices generally exist within a smart home ‘ecosystem.’ And at the centre of that ecosystem is some of the most advanced smart home technology on offer. Choosing one is, again, a matter of personal preference. But there are a few good places to start. We suggest choosing your smart home program with the help of an expert.

Finally, lets look at the best smart thermostat devices for your home: Nest Thermostat E is one!

Thermostats are central devices when it comes to smart home comfort. But they also have hidden advantages, such as energy efficiency, and, by extension, running costs. So which should you choose? That might depend on the smart home infrastructure you’ve already established. But a good starting point is the Nest Thermostat, which is relatively affordable, and quite high in quality. For more information, we suggest getting in touch with thesmart home specialists!