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An Audiovisual Geek’s Guide To Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is moving at a rate so fast that few can keep up. That’s why we have put together this audiovisual geek’s guide to smart home technology. We have taken a few of our absolute favourites and matched them up to demonstrate the remarkable variety of products that are available to us all today. Of course, this is just a few of the many examples of how smart home technology can improve our lives. So if you’re inspired by anything, get out and research some more. No doubt there is no end of fascinating gadgets to entertain, inform, and even protect you!

In the world of smart home gadgets, smart speakers are really leading the charge

Smart speakers: they’re subtle, useful, and incredibly advanced. But what do they do? More than we can list here! Smart speakers include the like of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. These prolific personal assistants can do anything from schedule appointments, to play your favourite music. And it’s all on command – voice command, that is. So you needn’t worry about programming, plugging or unplugging, or fiddling with buttons and functions. All you need to do is tell your smart speaker what to do. It’ll work out the rest – it is smart, after all.

Temperature control: smart thermostats are among the hottest in this year’s smart home technology

Temperature control should be simple. You set the thermostat, and it does what it’s told. But with those cumbersome old thermostats, they always seem to have a mind of their own. And not in a good way. With smart thermostats, though, the phrase ‘mind of its own’ takes on a much more literal, and positive meaning. You can actually match your smart thermostat with other smart home products such as Alexa. Simply tell Alexa what you want from your thermostat, and consider it done.

Home theatres are another great example of smart home technology at work: here’s why

Home theatres have always been a chance for you to showcase your digital prowess. But with the rise of smart home technology, that takes on a whole new meaning. Now, you can control your home theatre like never before. The speakers and amp can connect with fewer cords, and better clarity; the lights and temperature are controllable from the comfort of your couch. And with some smart home assistance, you won’t have to move a muscle to enjoy your home theatre experience. Welcome to the exciting new world of automation!

The smart home hub: a masterclass in mixing all your smart home technology

If you’re inspired to take your home into the future with a range of smart home products, you’ll need one in particular to captain the ship: the smart home hub. This product basically connects all your smart home products. You can get it with inbuilt Wi-Fi too, so you don’t need to plug it into your router. Simply have it installed by an expert, and watch as it facilitates communication between all your smart home products. With a smart home hub, all your products can talk to each other. And the topic of their conversation is your comfort!

It’s not all fun and games though: smart home technology is giving us great security systems too!

Of course, smart home technology can be more than just convenient and entertaining. It can also be great for your safety. And in that regard, you need to look no further than smart security systems. These systems join with other home automation products to boost your home security to the next level. From your smartphone, for example, you can keep an eye on everything and receive alerts when something’s not right. You can also control lights, thermostats, and even doors. That level of security is pretty hard to beat!

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