5 Tips For Choosing Your Home Theatre Speakers

The centrepiece of almost all home theatres is a big screen. It’s the first thing you see, and often the most impressive. But it’s not necessarily the most important. What really distinguishes your home theatre from a TV room is the sound. And when it comes to sound, your choice of home theatre speakers is paramount. If you choose your home theatre speakers well, you will have a home entertainment system that is unparalleled! So take a look at our tips for choosing the right home theatre speakers, and road test them down at your local AV store.

Read through the specs of home theatre speakers before you buy them – and ask lots of questions!

This is a bit of a two-part tip, and here’s why! Reading the specs of a set of home speakers before you buy them is vital. But more often than not, the specs are written in jargon. This can make them a little hard for the average buyer to understand. That’s why it’s important to ask questions. The staff at your local AV store are experts in all things audio visual. They know all the language, and they know what’s good and what’s not. Taking the time to chat with them will place you in a great position to get the right home theatre speakers. As with anything, don’t be afraid to ask the experts when buying home theatre speakers!

Reading is one thing, but you should also listen to home theatre speakers in action before buying

Reading, researching, and asking questions are all important. But you also need to see your speakers in action. Some models might seem perfect on paper, but lack that little bit of something extra. Most AV stores will have demo models on display, or will be able to hook one up for you. Alternatively, ask around and see if any of your friends or family members have home theatre speakers. If so, ask if you can listen to them in action. It’s the perfect excuse for an impromptu movie night, and you can disguise as consumer research – it’s a win-win!

Start in the centre and then move out: choose your front home theatre speakers first!

Setting up a home theatre room is like building a house: you need to start from the ground up. And when it comes to sound systems, the ground equivalent is your front speaker. This speaker is the one that is going to do all the leg work. As a result, you want to make sure it is up to the challenge. So spend the extra time researching, asking after, and testing your front home theatre speaker before you buy it. Doing so will ensure that your home theatre set up is off to a good start.

With the centre sorted, look for home theatre speakers that deliver the best in surround sound

Once you’ve got the solid foundation of a good front speaker, you can look around for some surround sound sweetness to go with it. Surround sound is one of the foremost appeals of home theatre set ups. This is the part the helps set your home theatre apart from the rest, so pay extra attention! When you get surround sound speakers, pay attention to their timbre. Surround sound speakers should be able to keep up with the on-screen action, and keep you in the entertainment loop with their distinctive and responsive sound.

Finally, get the most out of your home theatre speakers with a powerful subwoofer!

Now, for the icing on the cake: subwoofers! Subwoofers deliver the final punch of a home theatre system, and generate the felt element of your immersive entertainment experience. Choosing your subwoofer is another great time to ask for some expert advice. Subwoofers often suit certain varieties of speakers, so getting the balance right is important. Have a chat with the pros and follow their advice to get the best subwoofer for your home theatre speakers.

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