Sound Bar Or Home Theatre

Which Is Best – A Sound Bar Or Home Theatre?

If you’re planning an upgrade in your home entertainment room, you might be wondering which sound option to go for—a sound bar or home theatre? Both are good solutions for home entertainment enthusiasts, and offer different priorities. On the one hand, you’ve got affordable and smaller scale solutions in sound bars, and on the other hand, you’ve got complete home entertainment overhauls in home theatre systems. 


So do you bite the bullet and go straight to the top shelf with a home theatre system, or do you start small and work your way up with a sound bar? Here’s what we think.

A sound bar or home theatre could offer a huge boost to your viewing

If you’re only just entering the market for home entertainment upgrades, you probably use your TV’s speakers for sound. While television technology has come a long way, standard speakers don’t always offer the highest standard of sound quality, and sound bars are a great way to test another option. They’re easy to manage and install, aren’t too big, and can offer terrific sound quality. 


Essentially, sound bars are a great entry-level option. But if you’re looking for something of higher sound quality still, then a home theatre could be a better choice. They’re customisable, too, so you can opt for smaller and more manageable options if you’re stretched for space.

Home theatre vs sound bar: what advantages does home theatre sound have to offer?

If you’ve looked into it, you’re probably aware that complete home theatre solutions are more expensive than sound bars. So what do they have to offer in return? Well, that depends on the option you choose. Most home theatre systems include a number of speakers positioned around the room, offering surround sound, which is something that singular sound bars can’t offer. If you choose more advanced home theatre models, you can also enjoy quality bass with a subwoofer thrown into the mix (although some sound bars include this too), which pump out deep tones with far greater power than standard television speakers.

If cost is your biggest priority here’s how to choose between a sound bar or home theatre 

Let’s take a look at cost. Even at the lower end, home theatres can be expensive, so a sound bar will be a better option if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution. You may be surprised at the improvement a sound bar can offer your entertainment experience when compared to standard TV speakers. Economically speaking, we would recommend improving your home theatre space incrementally to avoid overspending. 

Whether you go with a sound bar or a home theatre, it’s important that you select a quality model

Whether you choose a sound bar or a home theatre, quality is important. If you’ve reached a sound bar vs home theatre stalemate, we would recommend that you chat to the experts to work out which option offers the highest quality. There’s no use getting a poor-quality home theatre system when you could have purchased a high-end sound bar for the same price. 

If you can’t decide between a sound bar or a home theatre – talk to the experts!

With so much to consider when choosing between a sound bar and a home theatre, it can be hard to make a decision. So get in touch with the home entertainment professionals. We’ve only covered the major points here; there’s far more to consider, including space, expertise, viewing preferences, and more. If you’re new to the world of home entertainment accessories, then don’t go it alone – seek advice and do your research.