TV Wall Mounting Mistakes

TV Wall Mounting | Five Common Mistakes

TV wall mounting is often the final touch for the perfect entertainment set up. Wall mounting is a great way to fully optimise your TV viewing, with the perfect pitch and the ultimate angle. But wall mounting a TV is also a game of precision. One wrong move can have consequences. So how do you wall mount a TV perfectly, and what mistakes should you avoid? Let’s start with the most common ones!

TV wall mounting is all about height – one common mistake is to misjudge the height of yours

Perhaps the most important part of TV wall mounting is getting the height right. We’ve all seen poorly chosen heights – usually in hotel rooms. You can see the TV just find, but something about your viewing experience is off. The only way we could describe that feeling is by comparing to choosing the wrong seat in a cinema. Sure, you can see the movie just fine. But your neck is a little strained, and it’s just not the experience you’re looking for. That’s a common, but also quite serious mistake with TV wall mounting. Incorrect heights will only become more frustrating with time; getting it right from the beginning is vital!

Angle is the key to viewing optimisation and wall mounting a TV at the perfect angle is tricky

Height isn’t the only thing that can have subtle effects on your viewing. Angle is another vital factor in that regard. Most TV wall mounts have adjustable angles, so it’s not a huge issue. But it’s still something that warrants some thought. After all, no amount of pivoting will help your entire TV wall mount is off centre! Our advice is to find the centre point of your entertainment area wall. Make sure your couch is oriented around that central point, too. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to wall mount your TV without any angle issues.

TV wall mounting can put a lot of pressure on your wall, which highlights the most common mistake

Now let’s talk structures. TVs are large, and they can transfer a lot of force through a wall mount. Probably the most common mistake made with TV wall mounting is related to the structural integrity of the wall. You need to be sure that your mount won’t tear out of the wall. If it does, you can cause damage to your home, and likely irreparable damage to your TV. Then there’s wiring and plumbing; make sure you know where you’re drilling before you screw in your wall mount! Our advice: get expert help.

A common mistake in TV wall mounting is leaving insufficient space for the cables!

TVs need connection, and that connection comes in the form of cables. A common mistake in TV wall mounting is to mount too far from the cable outputs. Sure, there are extension lines that can fix that problem. But then you’re left with unsightly, and sometimes trip-hazardous cables running throughout your entertainment space. Make sure you know where your cables need to go, before you decide where to mount your TV.

Choosing the wrong mount is another common mistake – it’s best to see the experts for wall-mounting tips!

Finally, there’s mount selection. There are plenty of different TV mounting solutions on offer. Each one is well suited to a certain TV setup, but they’re not all interchangeable. Choosing the wrong mount can cause problems for your down the track. Choosing the right one could revolutionise your home viewing experience. The stakes are high!

We recommend seeking some expert guidance when it comes time to choose your TV wall mounting solution. That’s best way to avoid these common mistakes!