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Top 5 Coolest Smart Home Gadgets

We say it all the time, but the future is now! Even we are surprised on a regular basis by the sheer mastery of today’s smart home gadgets. There are so many to choose from as well – you can get anything from remote access locks, to full home automation. So if you’re setting out on a smart home odyssey, to bring your home into the technological age, where do you even begin? The choice is all yours – but to give you a starting point, here are our five favourite smart home gadgets.

Smart home safety: Smart CCTV cameras are a revelation in security gadgets

Safety is smart, and smart homes are safe homes. There is no better example of this than smart CCTV. These cameras go above and beyond the call of CCTV duty, which makes them some of the coolest smart home gadgets available. Rather than simply recording your property, they take a more active role. These systems are programmed to communicate with you remotely, and alert you of any suspicious activity. As a result, you have domain over the security of your home, and a reliably cool smart home gadget to help you!

Take control: Our favourite AI smart home gadget would have to be voice activated speakers

It’s not all security and safety though – most smart home gadgets are there for nothing more than your joy and comfort. That is exactly why the voice activated speaker system had to make the list of our favourite smart home gadgets. After all, what could be more enjoyable than music on demand? These speakers incorporate artificial intelligence to respond to verbal requests. But that’s not all – they also include programmability, which means you can set them to activate at any time, for example, when your alarm goes off in the morning!

When it comes to interior ambience, the best smart home gadgets are smart lights!

Speaking of programmability, there are few better ways to take charge of your home’s ambience than smart lights. This smart home gadget is a light control system. Basically, it allows you to alter the shade, tone, and brightness of your lights remotely. And, like all smart home gadgets, you can set it up to suit you. You could program the lights to come on gradually each morning, or even dim as the night gets late.

Keep comfortable, with smart home gadgets for thermostat regulation

With our smart home gadgets so far, you have ambience, security and music covered. So let’s take a look at comfort! Smart home gadgets are your key to complete comfort, and of them, our favourites are thermostat regulators. These tap into your temperature control unit and give you total control. You can set temperatures according to your daily habits, or remotely turn on heaters or air conditioners to get your home perfectly temperate for your return from work. The possibilities are limited only by you!

Start your day smart, with a smart assistant – one of the best all in one smart home gadgets

If voice-activated AI speakers didn’t quite impress you, we have one more to add to the list: smart assistant. These operate similarly to smart speakers, but with one notable improvement: they organise your day completely. Wake up to a weather report, eat breakfast with a traffic report, and receive a complete run down of your day to come. That’s just one way you can enjoy possibly the coolest of all smart home gadgets: the smart assistant! The best thing about smart home gadgets is that they can communicate not only with you, but also with each other. It’s like having your personal support team, dedicated to keeping your home as comfortable and convenient as possible.

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