Plan Your Smart Home

How to Plan Your Smart Home

If you’re thinking about stepping into smart home technology, then you’ve made a good call! Smart home technology can enhance everything from your comfort, to your home security. But getting the right smart home features takes some smart planning. There’s lots of smart home technology on the market, and different features interact in different ways.

Finding the right combination for you isn’t hard, but it does require some strong research and forethought. Often, it’s as simple as starting with Google Home, Alexa, or another such home assistant, and working from there. Here are a few tips to help you plan your smart home transformation.

Start with a brainstorm: what are the features you prioritise in a smart home?

There’s never a better place to start than the humble brainstorm. And when it comes to smart home planning, brainstorming is all about priorities. What are the features you really want, and need in your home? Perhaps security is high on your mind. If that’s the case, you can narrow down your search on those terms.

Perhaps comfort is more important to you. In that case, you can refine your parameters even further. At this point in the planning stage, you really only need to worry about narrowing down your options. There’s a lot of smart home features out there, and sifting through them all can be time consuming without a plan!

Take some time to plan your smart home budget: what are the big-ticket items?

Almost every feature offered by the latest smart home technology has great appeal. But at the end of the day, our budgets will only stretch so far. Once you’ve landed on a suitable figure for your smart home project, it’s time for the next step: apportionment! Which of the bigger, more expensive features will you opt for to get your smart home up and running?

Our advice is to set aside a large proportion of your budget for the fundamentals: programs, installation, and compatible appliances. Once those are under control, you can always take some time to recoup your savings. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Plan for comfort: choose some smart home features that will make home feel like home

Comfort is key for so many people. It’s also a primary focus of smart home technology! If you want to turn on the air conditioner half an hour before you get home, smart home technology will let you. If you want to synchronise your coffee machine with your alarm clock, smart home tech has you covered. We’ve all got those one or two things that irk us in our daily routine. So use technology to your advantage, and streamline it all. It’s just a matter of working out what you want to be different, and what you need to make it so.

Plan for functionality: choose some smart home features that will make life easier

That leads nicely into functionality. Smart home technology is all about practical function. Perhaps the best example of that is security. Smart home technology places you in control of your home, from anywhere with connection. If you spend a lot of time away from home for work, technology can be your house sitter!

You can lock and unlock doors remotely. You can turn lights on and off. You will be in complete control of who comes in and out of your home. By locking down the basics of smart home functionality, you can build a strong and reliable smart home from the ground up.

Finally, get in touch with the experts – they will be able to turn your plans into smart home reality

Of course, planning is only the first step in building a smart home. At one point or another, expert help will be invaluable. Once you have planned your smart home, see the professionals. They will put you onto the right programs and appliances, to turn your plan into reality.