How To Clean TV Screen

How To Clean Your TV Screen | Quick & Easy

Most modern televisions look glorious when turned on, when the fingerprints, dust, and grime are hidden by beams of dazzling colour. But when it’s turned off and the light has been extinguished, the dirt is more obvious than an elephant in a cow field, spoiling your otherwise pristine living room.


With so many different types of television available, it can be difficult knowing what to do. In this article, we’ll provide comprehensive instructions on how to clean your TV screen, whatever it’s type.


First, let’s cover some basics. Obviously, turning the television off before cleaning it is going to make the job infinitely easier as you’ll be able to see the dirt. The screen will also be cooler, and have much less static, which helps to release dust that is clinging to it.

How to clean an LCD tv screen, an OLED, QLED, or LCD

The best way to clean a TV screen that is modern and glass-based (an LED, OLED, QLED, or LCD), is with a soft, dry microfiber cloth. Before you use the cloth, check for any grit that might be clinging to it, as this can scratch the surface of the television.


When you’re ready to begin, clean the screen by making small circles with the cloth, extending the entire length and height of the television. As you’re cleaning, try not to apply too much pressure, as this can damage the screen.


If there’s stubborn dirt that can’t be removed with a dry cloth, the next step is to consult the TV’s manual, as they may advise you to clean the screen in a particular way. But if you’re happy to proceed without doing this, the next step is to make your own cleaning solution with dish soap and warm water, dampening the cloth, and then going through the same cleaning motion as before. Be extra careful not to apply too much solution to the screen—you can dampen the cloth by thoroughly squeezing it out. Also never spray anything directly onto the screen, as it can cause serious damage.


Don’t ever use window/glass cleaner, or products that contain ammonia, alcohol, ethyl acetone, or ethyl chloride. These chemicals (often found in commercial window cleaners) are too harsh for the surface of most modern TVs, and can strip away their surface, as well as  turn the screen yellow.


Given the high cost of televisions, you might also consider purchasing a specific cleaning product. There’s plenty of special cleaning cloths and kits, which can be treated with substances that help to reduce glare.


There you have it. You now know how to clean a flat screen tv, no matter what the type. Once you’ve finished cleaning, wait a little for the screen to dry, and then sit back and bask in your pristine gogglebox.



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