Five Benefits of Home Lighting Automation

Five Benefits of Home Lighting Automation

Want to make your home tech savvy? Home automation is the way to go. Here are five ways you can take advantage of the latest advancements in technology and benefit from having your very own home lighting automation system.

#1 Control all your lights with one button

Imagine being able to operate your home lighting from one universal remote or just one button on your smartphone. This is possible with home automation systems. Those annoying situations where someone has left a light on in another room won’t matter anymore, because you can switch off your lights from your handheld device, from wherever you are. The likelihood is, that won’t happen anyway because the lights in your home will be programmed to switch on and off at a certain hour, and be light-sensored to only switch on when someone is in the room. Home lighting automation means you will need to lift a finger, but that’s all you’ll have to do! Some might say lazy, but most would say smart.

#2 Added security for your home when you are away

Home lighting automation means you can effectively schedule your lights to switch on or off only when you need them to, even when you’re not home. Imagine what this means when you’re away for the night or for longer periods of time when you’re on holiday? Your home lighting automation system allows you to schedule your lights to switch on at a certain hour, so that it looks as though you are home when you’re not. If you forget to do this, you can still operate your home lighting automation system from your smartphone from wherever you are. This is a great deterrent for potential break-ins and an added peace of mind when you’re away.

#3 Control your lighting before you return home

Perhaps you’re working late unexpectedly. You’ve got caught up on a meeting or an impromptu catch up after work. Rather than leave your house in the dark, you can use your smartphone to switch on the lights in your home with your home lighting automation system. That way, strangers won’t know you aren’t home, plus you won’t be fumbling for your front door keys in the dark when you return. Clever, huh?

#4 Save energy with dimming mechanisms on home lighting automation systems

Home lighting automation systems incorporate dimmers. Dimmers adjust the lighting levels in your home for the times you won’t to completely illuminate your home – which is most of the time. Dimmers also save you energy. Lower your lighting levels with your home lighting automation system and you will see a reduction in the cost of your electric bill. Set the scene by dimming the lights and save on energy, too.

#5 Alter the light to fit your mood

Speaking of setting the scene with your lighting dimmers, this is a huge advantage to your home lighting automation system. In the morning during winter, you’re more likely to need well-lit rooms in the house to get ready and out the door. At night time or during the evening, you can program your home lighting automation controls to dim the lights, which will help you relax before bed. All this is programmed for you so you don’t need to get up and switch lights on or off.

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From added security to the control of your lighting whilst you are away, the pros of having home lighting automation far outweighs the cons.

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