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Binge Worthy Shows To Put Your Home Theatre Upgrade Through Its Paces

If your home theatre project is like most, then it has been a while in the making. And now that it’s finished, there’s only one thing to do: put it through its paces! But, with so many movies and tv series on offer, where do you even begin? Ultimately, that depends on your own preferences. However, we have collected a few of our favourites to get you started. And, although all of these shows are very different, they are linked by one thing: binge worthiness! Believe us, once you get started on these it will be hard to stop. So sit back, relax, and put your home theatre upgrade to the test.

The obvious choice to test your home theatre upgrade is Game of Thrones – but it’s not kid-friendly!

We are willing to bet that Game of Thrones pretty much tops every list of binge worthy tv shows. It has the suspense, plot twists, intrigue and action to keep just about anyone hooked. And with the promise that winter is indeed coming, it’s pretty hard to leave after just one episode. So why not go for an all-out binge? Not only will this keep you more than entertained, but it will also test out your home theatre’s upgraded sound system and resolutions. With plenty of large-scale action scenes, it will be a genuine road-test. But be warned, a Game of Thrones binge is probably not a family friendly event!

To test out your home theatre upgrade with the whole family, try an Avengers marathon

If you’re looking for something a little more family-oriented, why not go with the tried and tested Marvel franchise. With the latest Avengers finally upon us, now is as good a time as ever to catch up on all the Avengers movies that got us here. They’re definitely kid friendly, and the films link into each other very nicely. Sound like perfect binge material! And it would be harder to find more constant action to test out your latest home theatre upgrade. With plenty of sound, colour and wall-to-wall action, the Avengers will certainly put your home theatre through its paces.

In terms of binge worthy shows for your upgraded home theatre, Stranger Things is hard to beat

Stranger Things is another great series, and if you haven’t got around it yet, we strongly recommend it. Stranger Things has enough suspense and surreal intrigue to keep just about anyone interested. And the end of each episode only leaves you wanting more, which makes it a perfect candidate for a tv series binge! It is probably suitable for older kids, but it does has some pretty spooky elements to it. So perhaps watch it yourself before bringing the kids along for the ride.

It may not be the newest release, but Arrested Development is definitely a binge worthy option!

If your idea of the perfect binge is light comedy with an easy to follow plot, then Arrested Development is a great option. It’s quite light-hearted, suitable for most kids and very easy to binge watch. One episode generally morphs into another almost seamlessly. Without even realising it, you can find yourself well into the second season, and loving every minute of it!

Test your home theatre upgrade with the dystopian experience that is the Handmaid’s Tale

For a more thought-provoking test run of your home theatre upgrade, we suggest the Handmaid’s Tale. It is disturbing look into the dystopian future, and that can make it unsettling at times. But it’s unsettling in the way that only a good tv series could be. And again, it’s not very kid-friendly.
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