Automated Motorised Shades

5 Benefits of Automated Motorised Shades

More and more, we’re seeing automation technology find its way into new and exciting parts of our lives. One such area that has seen the tech boost is shades. Specifically, we’re talking about automated motorised shades. Automated motorised shades have the tech double-whammy. First, there’s the motor; these shades raise and lower independently thanks to a small motor in their rollers. Then, there’s the automation; wherever there’s a motor, there’s automation technology to go with it! Sounds great, of course, but what about its actual benefits? Rest assured – there are plenty! Here are our five favourites.

Accessibility: automated motorised shades are a great solution for those hard to reach areas

Shades are often necessary in the higher parts of our homes. Depending on how your home is configured, you may have shades in some pretty hard to reach areas. And sure, there are all sorts of sticks and other such contraptions to help you lower them. But that doesn’t seem to make it all that much easier. That’s why automated motorised shades are so appealing. Motorised shades don’t need to be lowered by hand with a long stick. They simply raise and lower themselves, when you tell them too. That’s great for hard to reach areas, and it’s also great for those who might struggle with the inaccessibility of manual shades.

Start the day off with the beautiful morning sun: automated motorised shades make that easier than ever!

It’s everyone’s dream to start the day being peacefully woken by the gentle morning sun. But all too often, that morning sun is anything but gentle; its rays pack a punch. Direct sunlight is not the most pleasant alarm clock, so shades are important for keeping it out. But when it’s time to get up, waking to a dim room is hardly helpful. Isn’t there some pleasant middle ground? With automated motorised shades there is! You can set your motorised shades to come up automatically when the morning sun has come up a little and lost its edge. That means you get the joy of waking to beautiful natural light, without the harshness.

Control your shades from home: here’s how automated motorised shades can care for your carpet

When you think automated motorised shades, carpet care probably doesn’t come to mind. But, believe it or not, your carpet is one thing that can really benefit from automated motorised shades. The reason is simple; you can control automated motorised shades from your smart phone. That is, if you have home automation software installed. That means you can lower your shades as necessary, from anywhere with internet or mobile data connection. So if you forget to lower your shades before leaving work, you can simple do it when you arrive. But how does that help carpets? That’s simple too; direct sunlight fades and degrades carpet. Shades are the best way to keep it off, and keep your carpets looking fresher for longer.

Convenience: automated motorised shades dispense with those cords that always seem to tangle

Those beaded cords that come with manual shades are nobody’s favourite. They tangle, break, knot, and stick; it’s simple impossible to keep them in order. With automated motorised shades, there’s no need for cords. The small motor in the roller of your shades will do all the hard work in their place!

Appearance: with heaps of design options, automated motorised shades offer great design appeal

Finally, there’s the undeniably obvious benefit of automated motorised shades: they look great! Without dangling cords, they already offer a sleeker, more modern aesthetic. Then there’s the plethora of design options available; there are almost too many to choose! Our advice is to chat with some experts. Doing so will help you choose the best automated motorised shades, and set them up perfectly too.


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