A Guide to Choosing Audio Visual Projectors

A Guide To Choosing Audio Visual Projectors

As technology marches steadily towards the future, more and more electronic goods are becoming available. And that’s great – it means you have a massive pool of choices, so your chances of finding the right one are high. But that doesn’t make your decision any easier. There are so many different factors that weigh in on your decision. So let us help – we have listed some of our best points for choosing an audio visual projector below. Your audio visual projector is the pièce de résistance of your home theatre system, so choose wisely!

When it comes to audio visual projectors, it’s all about resolution

If you’re even halfway into your search for audio visual projectors, you’ve probably heard the term resolution thrown around a fair bit. So what does it mean and why is it important? Resolution is basically the level of detail that your projector is able to achieve. Audio visual projectors that are capable of higher resolution are normally preferable. They return clear images with a lot of detail, which makes your viewing experience a delight. Finding high-resolution audio visual projectors is quite easy too. Simply ask your local electronics expert and he or she will point you in the right direction.

Think about where you position your audio visual projector: choose a model that will fit

Now it’s time to look at the logistics of your new entertainment system. And when you’re talking logistics, the first question to ask is where will your audio visual projector go? There are lots of different mounting options for audio visual projectors. You have ceiling mounts, wall mounts and a whole range of custom options for the really dedicated buyers. But some projectors are better suited to certain mounting options than others. Generally, this comes down to size and configuration. So before you purchase, make sure your projector will fit where you want it.

Just like resolution, contrast is important in audio visual projectors

We’ve spoken a bit about resolution already, so now it’s time to talk contrast. Contrast is another factor that will dictate the clarity and depth of your image. And it’s pretty self explanatory; basically, contrast is the difference between your darkest colours and your lightest colours. Contrast will directly affect the subtlety and depth of your colours, as well as their variation. Contrast is easily measured too, which makes it easy for you to assess. Normally, the label will express it as a ratio – so get your tech expert to explain it for you when you have a look.

Light output is important when choosing audio visual projectors – especially for home theatres

Home theatres are a bit of an entertainment staple in many Australian homes. But they normally lack the complete darkness of your local cinema. Even the thickest curtains always seem to let some light in. It’s hardly a big issue, but it can subtly affect the quality of your image. Don’t worry though – choosing a good audio visual projector will fix this! It’s only a matter of light output. Light output – also known as brightness – determines how clearly you can see the projection when there is ambient light around. Projectors with high light output will work much better in relatively well-lit rooms.

Last but not least is cost: how much are you willing to spend on audio visual projectors?

By now, you have all you need to choose from the best audio visual projectors. But remember, if you put all the best qualities together, you might do some damage to your hip pocket! We recommend prioritising; find the features that are most important to you and focus on them. This is a little more cost effective than going straight for the best of the best, and it will still return fantastic results.

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