3 Of The Coolest Home Theatre Rooms You’ll Ever See

If you’re lucky enough to be living a comfortable life in the modern world, having a good home theatre setup isn’t a luxury anymore. When we launch ourselves onto the sofa at the end of the day and fire up Netflix, we want our entertainment to be in vivid 4K, dazzling, vibrant colour, and sound that would make Christopher Nolan grin.


In this article, we’ve found three of the coolest home theatre rooms you’ll ever see, to provide a little inspiration for your own home theatre setup.


home theatre room

Image from CSPI


If you like your home to be as beautiful as possible, and spend hours wrangling over colours, tones, and textures, this is the home theatre for you. The designer has created a gorgeous 1950s look, using a range of browns, soft beiges, and retro hexagon-covered walls. This room oozes class, and would impress anyone lucky enough to be invited over.


The projector screen isn’t the largest, but it fits the room size perfectly, with around eight people being able to nestle into the squishy brown C-shaped sofa. There’s also ottomans lining the middle so that people can put their feet up, and cushions to cover your eyes when Hannibal Lecter hisses at the camera.


The room’s lighting is a little brighter than usual, allowing mid-movie conversation, and a more casual viewing. Presumably, the lighting can be turned down completely for the full cinema experience.


Mr Home Theatre

Image from Mr Home Theatre


If you’re a sucker for big screens, and have gravitated to the iMax theatre on more than one occasion, you’ll love this home theater. It features a huge widescreen that covers the entire wall, which you can watch in bliss while reclined on your own fluffy soft sofa, complete with blanket in case the air conditioning gets a bit nippy.  Presumably, the sound system is just as good as the visual setup, and tucked away in the walls to preserve the room’s beautiful simplicity.


This home theatre is designed for movie-watching, not chatting. Each chair is huge and spread out, and you’ll struggle to take your eyes off the dazzling screen in front of you. This is the home theatre of a true movie buff who is serious about film, and will probably shush you if you start talking to them.


There’s two huge coffee tables on either side of the room, to stack with popcorn, hotdogs, ice cream, soda, beer, or whatever takes your fancy. 


Star Ceiling

Image from Star Ceiling


This cute home theatre features a “star ceiling” and neon blue lights, lending a magical sci-fi feel to the room. Curling up on one of its cinema-style reclining seats and watching the original Star Wars series seems well-suited to this home theatre. There’s even drink holders in each seat, perfect for a syrupy coke or fanta.


Its twinkling lights and cool blue lighting create an atmosphere that your kids will love, with every visit feeling like a trip to the cinema. They might even invite their friends over and have a Disney movie marathon, with mountains of popcorn and candy.